If you turn stone you are welcome to some space on this site. The only requirement is that your images show some turned stone.

The limit at present is three images or 200KB.

The best way to submit your images is via E-Mail attachments or on a disk in TIFF or PICT format. This way you control the editing and compression of your images. Next best would be to send me prints, I will scan them and do minimal color corrections as well as cropping and compression. A poor third choice would be slides, I can scan them, but it is a 300dpi scanner, so the image and resolution will not be great. At present I am not charging anything for the space or scanning. If you want your materials back send an SASE.

Please include with each submission your name and how to contact you (mailing address, E-dress, URL, Phone #, ESP wavelength). For each image please state the height and diameter (or width and depth) of the work, and the type (source if you wish) of the stone pictured, as well as any other media incorporated in the work. A brief statement (100 words) would be appropriate but not required. If you have your own website provide a URL for a link.

You are welcome (and encouraged) to put a price on your work. However, no financial transactions or correspondence will be conducted through this site, if someone is interested in your work it is their responsibility to use the contact information you provide to contact you directly.

Electronic submissions please put "gallery" in the subject field

Hard copy and disk submissions
Max Krimmel
15 Sherwood Road
Nederland, CO 80466

(303) 258-7723