Alabaster Saw
Motor with small pully (A) drives large pully (B). Large pully (B) is about 14" diameter. On the opposite end of the shaft of pully (B) is small gear (C) which drives large gear (D). To the rim of (D) is attached the power arm (H) which pulls the saw (F) back and forth on the four guide arms (G), one of these is behind the support arm (E). There is an oil cup (I) to keep the guide arms lubricated. The guide arms (G) are attached to (D) via a spreader mounted on the gear shaft of (D). This allows the saw, guide arms, support (E) and the oil cup to rotate about the center of shaft (D) up to the top of a stone to start the cut. Gravity pulls this unit down into the cut. There is an auto shut off when the saw hits level, as it is in the picture. The stone rides on a cart (J) which rolls side to side on tracks which are burried in the dust. I don't think anyone involved in the design of this saw is related to Rube Goldberg.

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