Ahhhh, Brazilian, there's nothing quite like it. Do you need it to make a fine guitar? Of course not. There are many wonderful tonewoods out there and I encourage every builder to try as many as they can. But, back in the days when anything was available, there was one wood that became first choice - Brazilian Rosewood.

Current Inventory December 2018

Brazilian Rosewood back and side sets - click a pic for more info
Sets 15, 16, and 17 are exceptional, 9 is very nice, 8 and 11 are still quite useable. Looking for sides only? Check here.

In general the detail images on the links are more accurate color, I had better control of the light. I have tried to show the worst aspects of this wood, none of us like surprises.

A note about sets 15, 16, and 17:

To say you can't buy guitar wood like this anymore is a gross understatement. You never could buy guitar wood like this. The "best of the best" wood always went to the veneer mills where it was sliced up for high end veneers. When the board got too thin for the slicing equipment to hold on to it was sold as a veneer core.

In about 1975 I got a call from Boulder, Colorado wood dealer Paul Killinger saying he had some Bolivian Rosewood veneer cores that I might be interested in. They weren't in good shape, most were too split up to do much with and all were sunbleached to a dull gray color. I bought a few of the nicer ones. When I got home and planned one of them down I was astounded. Here was Brazilian Rosewood the likes of which I'd never seen before. I went back and bought all of it that looked remotely usable. When I got them all planned I realized that most of them were indeed Bolivian Rosewood. Sometime after that I related this to Paul, and showed him the wood. He did concur that it was Brazilian but never quite got around to believing I had purchased it from him as Bolivian.


Brazilian Rosewood Guitar set 2A
Brazilian Rosewood set 2A
Brazilian Rosewood Guitar set 5
Brazilian Rosewood set 5
Brazilian Rosewood Guitar set 6
Brazilian Rosewood set 6
Brazilian Rosewood Guitar set 8
Brazilian Rosewood set 8
This is it. I believe this is the last set of old growth Brazilian Rosewood available anywhere
.Brazilian Rosewood guiutar set

Brazilian Rosewood set 9
Brazilian Rosewood Guitar set 11
Brazilian Rosewood set 11
Brazilian Rosewood set 15
Brazilian Rosewood set 16
Brazilian Rosewood set 17

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