Wood Plate # 45 Alabaster Bowl Guitar Poster
Mbira and Hosho Bass Marimba Max Krimmel

  The Wood Turning Pages - Before I started turning alabaster I turned wood. This area has a Gallery, some history, and technical information about how I made my woodturnings.
  The Alabaster Pages - This area of the site has technical information about turning Alabaster, a gallery of my work, a Guest Gallery of works by others, my résumé, and exhibition schedule.
  The Guitar Pages - I was an active luthier from 1965 - 1983. If you are interested in Krimmel guitars check out this area, there's a page for buyers and sellers, MP3 files (Zubenelgenubi), Information about the Kasha guitars, a picture gallery and some history.


Shona Music from Zimbabwe. This area has information and opinions on playing, learning, and teaching Shona music, also, the Mbira Jumpstart, transcriptions to several mbira songs.
  The Marimba Pages - The Great Fan Bass and other marimba building information
  The Max Page - a bit of biography


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